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At Millenium Shutters and Blinds we are proud into invite our clients and designers to our shop/showroom to meet our craftsman and see our manufacturing facility.  With so many middlemen selling product (supplied by who?), it is important for savvy consumers to know who they are buying from and what they are getting!  We are a long established (since 1999), experienced shutter manufacturer bringing value and quality directly to our clients.  We are excited to welcome 2 new local designers to our showroom today to show them the skill and pride-of-workmanship that goes into each shutter we make.

When looking for great quality shutters and blinds, our advice would be to look for the address (not just the web address) of the company you are thinking of hiring!  Many suppliers come and go.  Make sure you will be able to get future service if you need it and that your 'Lifetime Guarantee' holds weight.  Caveat Emptor!

When you or your friends are in the market for new custom wood shutters or blinds, we invite you to visit our shop to see the difference that our dedication to quality and service mean to you.  Our craftsmen are happy to stop and say hello and answer your questions.

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Our doors are always open to welcome you!




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