Support Small Business-10 Great Reasons Why

Shop Local

When you shop local you are supporting individuals and families in your own community.  You are supporting essential services in the neighbourhood where you live.  You are paying for dance lessons and buying little league uniforms for local children.   You are putting food on a family’s table, sending a student to college and helping local charities to thrive.  You are making dreams come true for somebody in your own community.  Somebody you probably know.

Here are 10 Great Reasons to Keep it Local!

When you visit and independent local business you…

  • Keep more money in your local community
  • Celebrate the uniqueness of our community
  • Support local Jobs
  • Support children’s sports
  • Help the environment
  • Encourage community
  • Conserve your tax dollars
  • Benefit from our expertise
  • Invest in entrepreneurship
  • Make this community a destination

As a neighbourhood small business Millenium Shutters and Blinds supports buying local.  We know the importance of local networking and supporting our community.  We are building a page on our website to celebrate local small businesses and we encourage local business owners to get in touch with us to share in letting the community know we are here!  If we encourage our customers to shop locally, everybody in the community benefits.

Small Business owners can contact us at  to become a part of our ‘support local business’ webpage.

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