Whether you live in a downtown sky-scraper with cityscapes and lake scenery or  an uptown low-rise with serene settings and greenery, you’ve got your little piece of heaven with the breathtaking views you’ve always wanted.

Don’t Compromise It!

In choosing the right window treatment for your condo there are several factors to consider:

  1. Exposure-

Condos can become extremely hot when the sun is out-Shutters give you complete light/sun control and fade protection without compromising your view!

Cold weather and wind (especially in high-rise condos) can cause heat loss and drafts-Shutters are inherently insulating and can prevent uncomfortable cold spots when closed.

Nearby neighbouring condos can leave you exposed!-Shutters allow you to adjust for privacy while still enjoying your view and interior style.

Many condos offer expansive windows and doors that are often full height.  Wood shutters do not require bulky frames and can be made to line up perfectly throughout your home.  They offer the most flexibility and ease of maintenance for condo owners. Plantation style (31/3″ louvers) are the most popular size shutters for condo owners with a view!

2.  Security-

Wood shutters allow condo owners (especially those in lower units) to fully block the view from outside. This is not only good for privacy, but also deterrent against crime.

Children and animals can enjoy the view without getting too close to open windows.

3.  Maintenance-

Large windows mean lots of window coverings and potentially difficult cleaning jobs!  Wood shutters are easily dustable and maintain their elegant look for years and years.

Wood shutters are durable (made from renewable resources) and made to last!  They can even be repainted (in any colour) if you revamp your style!

4.  Decor-

Shutters enhance every style and give you the most flexibility of design and control of use in a condo.  They are a great choice for small spaces and compliment all rooms.

Shutters are allowed by condominium regulations (keeping a uniform look on the buildings exterior)


Let us help you with your new condo.  Our consultants would be happy to meet with you to discuss what configuration of shutters would best serve your purposes and give you a FREE quote.

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