Eagle Project

Gord fashioned this eagle from a 2 x 10 board!

Originally he perched on top of our flagpole at the cottage (for many years!).  Then, we needed to fell a dead birch tree and unfortunately, he was in the way! (poor guy).  Several pieces of him were broken and he was quite weathered anyway...

We took to the task of refurbishing our feathered friend!  Stripped of peeling paint, repaired, sanded and caulked, our eagle was coming back to his original glory.

We re-painted him with more life-like detail and sealed the finish to protect him from the weather.

He is now perched atop our pergola with a view of the lake.  Who else can say they have a "watch eagle!"  We had a lot of fun bringing him back to life!

These kinds of projects are fun and rewarding.  A great way to fill our spare time (on those rare occasions!)



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