Finishing Touches

Meet Jeffrey!

Jeff Payment-Master Finisher

Jeff Payment-Master Finisher

Jeff is our Master Finisher.  He ensures that your new shutters are sanded and lacquered to a smooth and lustrous finish.  His talent and expertise with both coatings and techniques are second to none and help us to maintain a superior quality standard.

Preparing your shutters for finishing:

This step is critical to a quality outcome.  The finished product is only as good as the canvas upon which it is created.  Our state-of-the-art precision tools ensure that our product is the best it can be. Each and every shutter is thoroughly sanded and prepared for the finish coat.

5 Step finishing process:

Once your shutters have been assembled and given the critical preliminary sanding, Jeff applies a first primer coat to seal the wood.  After a second sanding to ensure that any raised wood fibres and imperfections are removed, Jeff applies a second primer coat in preparation for the final lacquer coat.  We use only the best products in the manufacture of your shutters, post-catalyst paint provides a super-hard and durable top coat (not to be confused with imported cement-type finishes)  This top quality coating does not chip and can easily be repaired or re-coloured in years to come.  Jeff can match any paint colour or mix any stain that you desire.

The finishing touches; the last step before your shutters leave our shop.  Thanks to Jeff and our team of amazing craftsmen for their skill and care in manufacturing a superior quality shutter for our clients!  Thanks Guys!


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