Everything Old is New Again!

We seem to find lots of great Shutters on our travels.  Some old, some new, some on windows and some used in the most creative ways!  We hope to inspire you to visit some of places that we love...

Last summer we had the pleasure of visiting Brockville Ontario and taking a stroll down the historic streets past quaint shops and restaurants.  We couldn't pass up the chance to pose for a snapshot at this little antique store with an old shutter on display.  This is a traditional shutter (1 1/2" louvers) thickly coated with layers and layers of paint over the years.  This shop had loads of great nostalgic pieces.  Notice the Coca Cola memorabilia, the old wash tub, the wooden ladder and life saver. The reflection of awninged shops across the street are typical of the ambiance found here.

Located on the St. Lawrence river (near Thousand Islands) and close to the bridge leading to the U.S., Brockville offers loads of things to do and see.

Our next destination is Cape Cod and we'll be looking for some shutters to discover there! Perhaps on a lighthouse or a quaint cottage...

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