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Low Maintenance

Wood shutters are possibly the easiest window covering to keep clean and looking like new.  Routine cleaning can be done quickly and easily with a feather duster or wand vacuum attachment.  To avoid having to work around the push rod, open the shutter first to have access to the louver from end to end.  When it comes time for spring cleaning, all you need to make your shutters sparkle is a bucket of clean, luke warm water, a soft cloth or sponge and a small amount of mild dish soap (Add soap to water).  Again, open the shutter for access to the full louver, then simply wipe off each louver with a soapy damp cloth (rung out to be as dry as possible).  Wipe the rails and push rod as well and, PRESTO!  Your home will feel and smell fresh and clean.

5 Other Great Spring Cleaning Tips!

  1. To remove fingerprints, crayon, scuffs and stubborn stains from walls & trim, plastic containers, leather items and toys, try Mr. Clean Magic eraser.  Works like a charm!
  2. To remove spilled candle wax from carpet or fabrics, scrape away as much of the wax as possible then cover the stain with paper towel and iron on Med-Hi setting.  The stain will soak into the paper towel and leave your carpet or fabric surface like new! (be careful  not leave the hot iron on the surface for too long-keep it moving)
  3. If you have a front loader washing machine and you find that your laundry has lost its lustre, try “Washer Magic” (available at Canadian Tire).  Follow the directions on the bottle for amazing results!
  4. If touching up paint is required, use this trick for easy clean-up! Use used dryer sheets to clean paint brushes. Simply place the paintbrushes into a container with warm water and then place in a used dryer sheet. What can be a difficult time getting latex paint off of the brushes becomes amazingly simple, and the brushes should be clean within a few minutes.
  5. Blue micro-fiber E-cloths (with plain hot water and rung out well) are amazingly effective on mirrors, glass and stainless steel appliances and wood shutters!.  No harsh chemicals necessary!  Great for the environment!

What’s your favourite Spring Cleaning Tip?

We’d love to hear your tips and tricks for making Spring Cleaning less of a chore.  Let us and our readers know what works for you to make your home fresh and clean.



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