Creating a Custom Curved Wood Shutter with Modern Horizontal Louvers-Step 2

…continued from Step 1 Back at the shop, the templates are used to make the frames to the exact size and shape of the curved window where they will be installed.  Once the frames are together, careful calculations are made to find the number of louvers (depending on size) that will be needed.  Also, their […]


At Millenium Shutters and Blinds, we are dedicated to helping our customers achieve their design goals and making their homes reflect their style.  Here is a breakdown of the different parts of a shutter and some ‘shutter lingo’ that will help you when you are requesting a quote for your home: Shutters 101 The main […]


Low Maintenance Wood shutters are possibly the easiest window covering to keep clean and looking like new.  Routine cleaning can be done quickly and easily with a feather duster or wand vacuum attachment.  To avoid having to work around the push rod, open the shutter first to have access to the louver from end to […]