Interior Shutters

Shutters have been a widely used window treatment throughout history.  Traditional European style shutters evoke a sense of days gone by while more modern Plantation style shutters bring contemporary elegance to mind.  Designers can transform a room by incorporating the perfect style of shutter to make a bold and sophisticated statement.

Shutters are versatile, functional and less expensive than custom draperies.  They are one of the only window treatments that increase the value of a home because they are highly desirable and usually stay with the home when it's sold. No other window treatment is as easy to keep clean and pristine.  Shutters are durable, functional and beautiful. 

The Spanish introduced shutters to the Americas. Opulent Southern Plantation homes adopted wider louvered shutters to help regulate light and heat while still allowing a grand view of the estate. The elegance and charm of these southern homesteads gave name to Plantation Shutters  Plantation shutters with 3 ½’ louvers require very little maintenance. A light dusting is often all that is required to keep them looking their best. Plantation shutters are sturdy and durable while still providing ultimate style. Where the views are important, Plantation Shutters are the #1 choice allowing 56% more viewing area. Plantation Shutters work well in open concept spaces with high ceilings. A perfect choice for enjoying lakefront scenery, mountain views and evening sunsets! Energy efficient and beautiful.

Using the same simple and chic design style as Plantation shutters, California Shutters differ only in louver size. They feature slimmer 2 ½” louvers and have become very popular in Canadian households for windows as well as interior doors and room dividers. California shutters create a classically elegant look in any room. They are easily customizable to suit any window and its particular function. Adding divider rails allows the homeowner separate control of the top and bottom louvers, an excellent feature for privacy during the evening when you can close the bottom louvers and still enjoy the view outside from the top. Customizing the placement of the push rod allows for a more traditional look or a sleek contemporary feel as well as making light and privacy levels easy to adjust. California Shutters will help to keep your furniture from fading and your energy bills low. During the summer months your shutters can be adjusted to keep the sun from discolouring your furniture and competing with your air conditioning.

Traditional shutters are a perfect way to capture that ‘old world’ charm or classic cottage ambiance. The smaller 1 ½” slats are versatile and allow for multi-panels, bi-folds, or tri-folds. Traditional shutters, whether full height, double hung, café style, or with bevelled panels provide endless possibilities for the homeowner to create a unique living space. Easy to clean and offering unlimited light control options, traditional shutters are still a number one choice for window coverings. 1 ½” slatted doors are also a popular choice for period furniture pieces and traditional closet doors.

Exterior Shutters

In days of yore, before glass windows were widely used in the average home, functional exterior shutters provided security, a barrier from the elements and light control. Today, exterior shutters are a mostly non-functional (except for storm shutters) decorative element. Exterior shutters are used to add character and evokes a certain design style.

Exterior shutters are available in many styles, style combinations, sizes and finishes. Louvers, panels and boards & rails are the 3 main style elements that can be use alone or in combinations to create a unique exterior enhancement. Design elements such as hardware and cut-outs are often used to make a statement as well. Nowadays most exterior shutters are affixed to the window frames and used only as a decorative element although they can be mounted on hinges and have function if that is the homeowners choice.

These exterior shutters serve the specific purpose of protection from extreme weather. Widely used in tropical or seaside locations, these shutters are meant to serve a function other than decoration. Hurricane Shutters are mounted outside of existing glass windows and provide protection from storms and security for vacation homes.