We’ve been wanting one forever!

With a cottage renovation in the works, we have been thinking about large family/friends get-togethers.  One thing we both dreamed of is having a large, beautiful harvest table that will seat all of our guests.

Eureka!  Gord found live edge pine!  I must say, it’s great to have a super talented and skilled husband, especially one with a fully equipped wood shop!  Together, we set to work making our masterpiece…


First we squared up all of our planks and removed the barked edges with a draw knife and grinder.  Then we added biscuits for extra strength and fastened the planks together with glue and screws.

Once the glue was dried, we sanded both back and front of the tabletop and prepared it for distressing.  With nails, bolts, umber paint and other homemade antiquing tools, I gave our table some old-fashioned character!

Then Gord applied a 3-stage finish of isotoner, sealer and varnish to make the wood really pop and ensure a super hard finish that will stand up to the challenges of cottage life!


We love the live-edge look for the cottage!  Now for some legs!  A combination of steel and pine to compliment other finishes we have planned for the renovation.  Et Voila!

We can’t wait to make a bench to go with it!


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