When Shutters are not the right treatment for your sliding doors…

Double blinds are a great complimentary alternative!  They make entering and egressing easy and they don’t take up any room.

  • These unique shades are a perfect compliment to shutters; one continuous fabric alternates between a sheer voile and a privacy fabric, giving you total control over your view and privacy.
  • Tilt the blind for warmly diffused light throughout the room. Tilt the blind again for privacy without total darkness.
  • Fabric wrapped headrail is a standard feature.
  • Innovative bottomrail that allows the fabric to slide through as you select the exact amount of light that comes in.
  • Headrail features are built-in valance. The shade disappears when fully raised.
  • Integrated installation bracket and end cap design minimizes side gaps.
  • Automation is available.


Our customers love their double blinds!  Could this be the right solution for you?



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