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Back at the shop, the templates are used to make the frames to the exact size and shape of the curved window where they will be installed.  Once the frames are together, careful calculations are made to find the number of louvers (depending on size) that will be needed.  Also, their placement to ensure that all of the louvers in each section of the shutter (when there are more than 1 to make up the curve) line up correctly. Each louver is then hand cut and sanded to fit the shutter.  Making the curved louvers is more time consuming and labour intensive, but the end product is spectacular and allows the shutter to operate maximally.  Each louver is installed by hand and tested to ensure that is moves effortlessly within the frame.  Next the push rod is attached to the middle or side of the louvers (as per the customers preference) for ease of operation.

IMG_5823       IMG_5824       IMG_5825       IMG_5820       IMG_5821

And there you have it in a nutshell!  How to beautifully enhance your curved windows with custom wood shutters by Millenium Shutters and Blinds!

Update:  Finished and installed!


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