Creating a Custom Curved Wood Shutter with Modern Horizontal Louvers-Step 1

Have you ever wondered how we do it?

The process is quite something!

To achieve a modern, functional, horizontal louvered shutter (not a stationary fan style arch or stepped louver-as with plastic shutters), custom wood shutters are the only way to go!

To begin with, a template is made of the exact shape of the window where the shutter will be installed.  This process starts with a large board and some approximate measurements.  The expert artisan then fine tunes his template by planing away the excess until he has an exact copy of the window's shape.  This requires many trips up and down the ladder!

IMG_5735  IMG_5738

(Step 2-to be continued...we are still in the process of creating this masterpiece!) Back at the shop the template is used to create the shutter frame which is made by laminating pieces of premium hardwood together to achieve the necessary curve.

Once the frame is completed the louvers are precisely cut to fit the arc at each point on the curve.  This process is key to the maneuverability of the finished product and the maximization of light control.

As with all Millenium Shutters, each unit is assembled using (good, old-fashioned, best there is) mortise and tenon joints for strength and stability and then sent for finishing.

Each and every shutter is primed and coated to its specified custom finish using the best quality lacquers, stains or custom paints specified by our customers.

Once completed, the product is delivered and installed by our skilled tradesman. Et voila!- A custom, functional, curved shutter that you'll enjoy for years to come!

Update: Design and assembly complete!


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