Bradford (Founded 1857)

Bradford is the primary urban area of the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury, Ontario. It overlooks a farming community, known as The Holland Marsh. Bradford is home to approximately 30,000 residents and has grown into a bustling community with many amenities. Bradford West Gwillimbury consists of the town of Bradford and the former Township of West Gwillimbury, and includes the communities of Bond Head, Coulson's Hill, Deerhurst, Dunkerron, Green Valley, Newton Robinson and Pinkerton. Millenium Shutters and Blinds services all of these communities.

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The overwhelming majority of Bradford's residents are of European descent and include many people from Portugal, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Hungary, and Ukraine.

The main crops, traditionally been grown by immigrants for ethnic markets in the Greater Toronto Area and for export, are vegetables, which reflect each wave of immigration into Canada. The Holland Marsh is a wetland and agricultural area about 50 kilometres north of Toronto. It lies entirely within the valley of the Holland River, stretching from the northern edge of the Oak Ridges Moraine near Schomberg to the river mouth at Cook's Bay, Lake Simcoe.

Fun Facts

Bradford West Gwillimbury’s motto is “A Growing Tradition”

  • Famous People from Bradford West Gwillimbury:

    William Osler - called the "most influential physician in history", was born on July 12, 1849 in Bond Head.

    Bob Pulford - Newton Robinson was the birthplace of NHL Hall of Famer.

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