Uxbridge (Founded 1806)

Uxbridge, with its fast-growing new communities is just a stones throw away from our Manufacturing Shop, and its residents can count on Millenium Shutters and Blinds to help with their window covering needs.

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Settled by the arrival of 12 Quaker Families in 1806, Uxbridge has now grown to a town of over 21,000 residents made up of diverse backgrounds. Uxbridge became an official town in 1885. Uxbridge serves as a mostly suburban community in northern Durham Region with a few major local manufacturing companies, but many residents still commute to other centres in Durham and York Regions and beyond.

The landscape is still indicative of times past with barnes, open fields and historical architecture. Our clients’ in Uxbridge’s older areas appreciate that we can work to maintain the historical ambiance of their homes with wood shutters that compliment the era.

Communities within the boundaries of Uxbridge are Coppins Corners, Goodwood, Leaskdale, Sandford, Siloam, Victoria's Corner, and Zephyr. Resident’s of Uxbridge, especially those who live in country settings where weather is more challenging, enjoy the savings on heating and cooling bills when they choose inherently insulating wood shutters for their homes.

Custom Coloured Wood Shutters bring Traditional Spaces to Life

Fun Fact: The 2015 TV series Schitt’s Creek is filmed on location in Goodwood

Famous People From Uxbridge:


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